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About ILRC

Today, lidars are operating on ground, onboard aircraft and in space. Lidar networks are expanding, and lidar instruments are operated all over the world for the benefit of Earth system science and society. The International Laser Radar Conferences (ILRC) brings together an interdisciplinary group of scientists, engineers, and students working in the field of laser remote sensing. For more than 50 years, ILRC has been the largest forum for exchanging ideas, fostering collaborations, and reporting cutting edge research on lidar technologies, methods, and applications.

The newest edition of ILRC will be held together with its partnering conference, the Coherent Laser Radar Conference (CLRC). Its promise is to unveil many of the newest results and discoveries in atmospheric science and laser remote sensing technology. The scope of the conference covers all fields ranging from laser and detector technologies, to detection of substances, constituents and transport throughout all layers of the atmosphere, measurements of essential climate variables, and observations related to ocean properties and ecosystems.

ILRC conferences are held under the auspices of the International Coordination-group for Laser Atmospheric Studies (ICLAS), a working group of the International Radiation Commission (IRC), International Association of Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics (IAMAS).


Andreas Fix
German Aerospace Center, DLR, Germany