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Web-based app in use at ILRC/CLRC 2024 Conference

Using a web-based conference app at the ILRC/CLRC 2024 conference plays for us a pivotal role
in promoting sustainability during this international science conference events.

By using a web-based app at the ILRC/CLRC 2024 conference we will improve attendee engagement
by providing a convenient platform that everyone will have ideal access to the conference schedule, program
and abstracts and other essential updates. Should anything change during the conference, notifications to all app users,
ensuring everyone stays in the loop and knows what’s happening.

Your Benefits:

  • Access to Conference Program and daily schedule and to all abstracts
  • Information about daily sessions
  • Provision of maps and directions, access to information about venue & travel and accommodation
  • Information about the social program
  • Contact data of the local organizing team
  • ILRC/CLRC 2024 Feedback form
  • the web-based conference app promotes a paperless approach, minimizing waste production and
    making disposal and recycling more manageable and contribute to sustainability
  • all real-time updates
  • Information about the sponsors and exhibitors


For networking via the web-based app please note:

  • Networking features (e.g., 1:1 chat and attendee directories)
    The web-based conference app let attendees see who else is at the event. If anyone piques their interest,
    attendees can proactively reach out to them through the web-based app to connect digitally
    or set up a time to meet in person during the conference days.

    With a confirmed account everyone can optionally create her/ his own profile to appear in the participant list
    and to interact and network with other participants. If you don't want to be visible for others, you please simply skip creating a profile.


Access Features and Privacy to the web-based conference app

  • Each participant registered for the ILRC/CLRC 2024 conference will receive a link to the
    web-based app on 17 June 2024 at the email address provided.

  • This web-based app, with restricting app access to registered conference attendees only (based on their email address),
    provides all organizational information, e.g. conference program and social program, feedback form and all other essential updates,
    access to abstracts as well as the opportunity for a perfect networking.
    You are not required to provide personal data when using the web-based app.

  • In order to register the registered conference attendees, the German Aerospace Center (data controller)
    will record for the web-based app at least the following information: email address.
    Upon registering for the event, you already consented to the provision of your contact details
    (here e-mail address) on the participant page in the web-based app, for grant access.

  • After you received the URL, you must sign up with your registered e-mail and set a password.
    You will receive an email to confirm your account. With the confirmed account you can optionally
    create your own profile to appear in the list of attendees and to interact and network with other attendees.
    If you don't want to be visible for others, you can simply skip creating a profile.