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Supporter & Sponsors of the ILRC/ CLRC 2024

This page shows you an overview of all the sponsors of the upcoming 31st International Laser Radar Conference (ILRC) and the 22nd Coherent Laser Radar Conference (CLRC):


Gold Partnership






EUMETSAT’s satellites monitor the weather and climate from space. Four Meteosat satellites in geostationary orbit provide observations of fast developing severe weather events. Two polar-orbiting Metop satellites provide data crucial for forecasts from one to 10 days in advance. EUMETSAT is a partner in the EU’s Copernicus programme and in the Jason ocean-monitoring mission.

Licel GmbH


Since 1994, Licel is a producer of optical detection and acquisition instrumentation specialized for lidar. We build lidar transient recorders, photomultiplier modules, Si-APDs, InGaAs APDs detector packages and a heterodyne wind lidar acquisition system.


Bronze Partnership

HighFinesse GmbH

HighFinesse GmbH

HighFinesse GmbH is a leading global manufacturer in the field of optical measurement technology, headquartered in Germany. We offer innovative, high-precision devices for industry and scientific research. Our portfolio includes wavemeters, linewidth analyzers, spectrometers and calibration sources.


Information for Sponsoring and Exhibition

We are looking forward to meeting you as a sponsor or/ and exhibitor at the 22nd Coherent Laser Radar Conference (CLRC) and 31st International Laser Radar Conference (ILRC) in Landshut, Bavaria!

All information for sponsors of the ILRC/ CLRC 2024 you will find in the Information for Sponsors & Exhibitors.

Registration Information for Sponsors
Registration Information for Exhibitors 

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