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Keynote & Highlights

We have prepared a high-quality five-day ILRC/CLRC2024 conference programme for you and
will offer you a IN-PERSON conference with an outstanding content.

Keynote (Thursday, 27 June, 8:30)

Prof. Bjorn Stevens, Director I Max Planck Institute for Meteorology I Hamburg

“Coupling water, energy and carbon through circulation — a grand challenge for a new era in climate science”


At a Glance Highlights of ILRC and CLRC 2024



At a Glance - Your social benefits of attending the ILRC/ CLRC 2024 

  • Going Green Together at ILRC/ CLRC 2024 conference: Therefore, we’ve taken steps to make
    the ILRC /CLRC 2024 more environmentally friendly. The venue is a certified sustainable conference location.
  • Highlights of the ILRC/ CLRC Social Programme
    • Great Networking Opportunities
    • Meet Experts at daily various networking tables onsite / topic tables
    • Opportunity to exchange ideas and collecting feedback from experts
    • Talk to people at exhibitor booths
    • For a great attendee engagement and networking, we are providing the web-based app
      at the ILRC/CLRC 2024 conference - so that everyone will have ideal access to
      the ILRC/ CLRC 2024 conference program, to all abstracts and other essential updates.
      Each participant registered for the ILRC /CLRC will receive a link to the web-based
      approx. 7-10 days before the conference to the provided e-mail address.
    • The venue offers offers perfect conditions for participant networking in the public areas,
      such as the bar, restaurant, lounge inside, terrace and garden area ouside