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Information for Presenter


I. Information for Oral presenter ILRC /CLRC 2024

You have to strictly adhere to the time slot:

ILRC: regular oral presentation: 12+3 minutes
CLRC: regular oral presentation: 15+5 minutes

Speakers Check IN

All presenters please bring their presentation (as ppt or pdf) on a USB storage device.
We recommend to also bring a back-up copy of your slide presentation and media files with you.

Upload of your talk will be handled by our technical team. There will be no option to use your own device in the conference room.

Prepare Your Presentation

  • Be considerate to the other speakers and audience by staying within your allocated time.
  • The allocated time for your presentation includes a discussion and changeover to the next speaker. This is essential
    to ensure adequate time for questions and discussion as well as adherence to the schedule.
    Please discuss the same material as reported in your abstract submission.
  • Please be in the session room at least 15 minutes prior to your session to introduce yourself to the session chairs.
    We will prepare a microphone and a laser pointer. No special Mac formats are supported.
  • Your presentation can be in power point or pdf format.
  • We strongly recommend that all presenter checks their presentation with the allocated laptop or connection
    to ensure compatibility of your equipment before the session starts. Our technical support will assist you.


Audio-Visual Equipment

Both (ILRC and CLRC) conference rooms are equipped with

  • Stage
  • data projector
  • screen
  • microphone and a laser pointer.
  • Slide advancer (clicker)
  • preview monitor on stage
  • little preview monitor on the speaker's desk

No special Mac formats are supported


Information for SESSION CHAIRS

  • Each sessions chair should be in the session room at least 10 minutes prior to your session so
    that you can meet your presenters for a short introduction.
    This will allow you to meet the speakers of your session and to see if there are any problems with their presentation.

    Your main tasks will be:
    • To start the session on time,
    • To very briefly introduce each talk,
    • To make sure that the speaker will finish her/his talk within the time available. To ensure this,
      please give the speaker a countdown (e.g., indicating 5 min to end, 2 min to end, finish)
      and stop her/him if necessary.
    • To end the session on time


II. Information for Poster presenters ILRC/CLRC

Due to the different formats of poster walls on site, we had recommended to choose landscape format for the posters.

Hochformat.PNG  Querformat_1.PNG

Both poster formats (DIN A0 - portrait and landscape format) are possible.


We will provide you with the necessary material and will support you to fix your poster. The posters can be put up on Sunday afternoon
and will be on display from Sunday to Thursday evening. Please make sure to be at your poster during the dedicated poster session time.

There is no possibility on-site to print your poster, please bring it with you to the conference.

Poster presenter who need to print their poster have to do this by own costs.
Below you will find some contacts of print companies in Landshut.


General Information

All presenters and poster presenter regardless of presentation format
must be registered to attend and to participate in the ILRC/ CLRC 2024 conference


All Presenters

The handling of personal data is controlled by the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
and associated legislation. Therefore, every presenter ILRC/ CLRC has to fill out and sign the Declaration of consent
at the Speaker Check-In onsite.